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The t.r.e.v.a. Project

t.r.e.v.a.Did you know that Oregon has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the U.S.? In 2002, the National Dialogue on Cancer identified “limited access to appropriately collected, consented, and annotated tissue” as the critical barrier to developing new cancer therapies. In short, researchers lack the tissue samples they need in order to do vital cancer research. The t.r.e.v.a. Project was designed to allow Oregon cancer patients the opportunity to donate tissue from cancer surgery to further research towards finding a cure for cancer.

The t.r.e.v.a. Project: An Oregon Cancer Research Initiative at Legacy Health was formed to facilitate the statewide, multi-institution expansion of the Legacy Tumor Bank program. Through the partnership with Legacy Health, under the guidance and shared vision of Dr. Katherine Morris, Surgical Oncologist, and Kelly Cook, Treva’s sister and co-founder of the Treva Hoffman Foundation, Treva’s vision of a cooperative tumor bank has become a reality.

In the Roseburg community, The t.r.e.v.a. Project partners with the Community Cancer Center, Mercy Medical Center, ORegon Surgery Center and the Roseburg Lions Club in order to spearhead the development of this initiative.

Dr Katherine Morris

“Through The t.r.e.v.a. Project, the Legacy Tumor Bank is able to draw upon the tumor donations from cancer surgeries around the state, a key step forward given that roughly 80 percent of cancer surgeries take place in community hospitals who have generally been unable to develop their own local tumor banking,”

~Dr. Katherine Morris

The Legacy Tumor Bank provides a regional resource to store and make available a larger number of samples for research.

If you or someone you know would like more information about The t.r.e.v.a. Project or how to become a donor, please call 503-564-TTHF(8843) to speak to a Tumor Banking Representative and request your patient information and consent packet.

Thank you to our partners in this project!

Legacy Health
Legacy Health Tumor Bank

Oregon Surgery Center
Mercy/ORegon Surgery Center



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